Brew days

Ever fancied having a go at brewing? If you're a complete novice, or an experienced home brewer (or beyond), you will be able to sign up with us for a brew day.

A brew day is an excellent group activity (we suggest a minimum of 2 and a maximum of 5 people) that allows you to come and brew a beer of your choice with us starting with grains and hops of your choice, right through to bottling and kegging your beer a few weeks later.

What happens at a brew day?

Brew day:

  • Over breakfast, we'll discuss your beer preferences and help you design your very own recipe from scratch.
  • We'll weigh out your ingredients and start the mash (extraction of sugars from the grain).
  • While waiting on the mash, we'll find out about the background of brewing and the history of brewing in Prestonpans, along with the Chemistry involved in beer production and testing.
  • After mashing the grain, we'll sparge (rinse) it and transfer the wort (sugary liquid that will become beer) into the copper (the boiler). Then it's time for adding the hops, before boiling the wort to fully invert the sugars (preparing them for the fermentation).
  • Next up is a chance to discuss your label design over lunch.
  • After the boil has completed, we'll cool it down and transfer it to the fermenter where the yeast will get busy for the next week or so.

Bottling and kegging:

  • Approximately 2 weeks after your brew day, you'll return to bottle and label your beer. We'll also transfer some into kegs that will be put on tap in the Gothenburg pub.
  • Your group will receive approximately 40x500ml bottles of beer and also some beer tokens to use to buy your beer in the pub. We'll put it on tap that evening and you can have the privilege of tapping your keg and pulling (and sampling) the first pints.

Until we have made our first brews at the Gothenburg, we are not accepting bookings for Brew days. However, when we launch our first beers, we'll also launch the application process for Brew days on this page - watch this space!

You can also follow us on Twitter (@fakingbadbeer) or Facebook (@fakingbadbrewery) to receive a notification about when you can sign up!