What happens when Chemistry teachers brew beer? Faking Bad Brewery, of course!

Faking Bad Brewery Limited came into being at the end of 2018 by Chemistry teachers Gareth Evans and Gordon Kidd. In addition to educating the youth of today, we have been avid home brewers for several years, testing, tasting and comparing recipes and developing our skills. As our interest grew, we also introduced a 'Drugs and alcohol' module for our school students that took them through the background Chemistry, social, legal and responsible use of alcohol, culminating with the skills of micro-brewing. As far as we know, it is the only one of its kind in Scotland. Needless to say, this was and still is a popular course!

The advent of the cult TV show 'Breaking Bad', in which Walter White, a mild mannered Chemistry teacher at a local high school, breaks bad and becomes a drug manufacturer, was of course the beginning of endless questions from our students asking if we could 'break bad'. Well yes, technically, but where would that put our professional reputation? We decided that we'd rather fake bad and work legally and responsibly as micro-brewers, whilst continuing our 'day' jobs. Of course, that Chemistry background makes the process of brewing pretty straightforward, but the joy is still in the experimentation, process and of course sampling the final end product!